Team Introduction: Emily Gledhill

Hey guys, it’s been a while since Memphis Boat Center (MBC) has blogged. Let’s kick this year off by individually introducing our current team:

I’m Emily Gledhill, previously known as Emily McElravey and still known as Emac. This is my third summer working for MBC (2014, 2016, 2019) and I’m thrilled to be back!

So where have I been, you ask? New Zealand! Yes, you read it right. The other side of the world. I lived there for nearly three years and met my best friend/ husband there. My journey to the ‘Middle of the Earth’ was life altering. New Zealand is incredibly beautiful which I’m sure most of you are aware of thanks to ‘Lord of the Rings’.

While I lived there, I slowed down, literally, as their average speed limit is 31 miles per hour (50 kilometers) in the city limits. I also sped up and started riding mountain bikes downhill.

So… now you’re wondering why, why in the world would I ever move back to Memphis after living in a place like New Zealand. To keep it simple, America has more affordable housing. Pete and I dream of living on a lake with a few acres of land. That goal is far more achievable here, plus our future children will be close enough to visit family. My husband and I love traveling. We plan on rebuilding a campervan, as we did in New Zealand, so we can continue our travels in North America.

Now that we have covered where I’ve been and where I’m headed, let’s talk about why I’m here, specifically at MBC. I learned to water ski and barefoot when I was just five years old and have loved it ever since.

Unlike most of my fellow boaters, I grew up on the Mighty Mississippi. Spending time with my family, sleeping to the rock of the boat, and wakeboarding while the sun is setting are still my favorite things.


Furthermore, I have participated in the annual Memphis Ski Freeze on New Year’s Day a total of five times. All proceeds go to the Dream Factory of Memphis, a non-profit that grants wishes to critically ill children.

The Mississippi river is what makes me feel most at home. Anyone, who only sees it as dirty and dangerous, needs to see it when it is smoother than glass, which by the way was the perfect time for my dad to teach me how to barefoot off the boom… and honestly, we love that the Mississippi isn’t everyone’s go to; it means there’s more room for us.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to catching up with all the amazing people I’ve met over past summers and getting to know all of you that I don’t know already. Stay tuned, next week I will introduce our Queen of the service department, Jeanie O’Bryant. Happy Shredding.

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