Memphis Boat Show Starting Lineup

The Memphis Boat Show is right around the corner, and Memphis Boat Center is gearing up for the event like no other. Through careful preparation and collaboration, Coach Robinson has put together an All-Star lineup of boats that will have heads turning. To give the readers an idea of how special each boat is to us we compared them to the Memphis Grizzlies, taking the characteristics of each boat and matching it to a Grizzlies player. This lineup was carefully constructed to bring home a “W” at the show and send Coach Robinson and his starting lineup into the post season on a high note. Let’s take a look at the starting lineup:

Point Guard – Four Winns 190 Horizon SS
The point guard controls the floor, and at 19 feet long the 190 Horizon SS controls the small bowrider class. This boat might be lacking in size when compared to the rest of the team, but where the size disappears, the performance shines. This boat is quick and agile, and once its running it cannot be stopped. The 190 Horizon SS represents Mike Connely for his consistent performance, his nimble movements to the basket, and at 6’1, his size. With unmatchable speed and a tenacious attitude on the court, the 190 Horizon SS backs up his big attitude with a bigger game.


Guard/Forward – Axis T23
Coming in at 23 feet long, the Axis T23 is a mighty performer. Despite being light on price, it’s heavy on versatility on the water. Agile, yet sizable, this boat has no competition in its class. The T23 doesn’t bluff, and is “First Team All-Defense” like his counterpart Tony Allen. Like the T23 Allen is very versatile, whether it’s scoring buckets or causing turnovers on defense. Allen is a pure performer from the moment he gets onto the court until the moment he leaves it, which puts the T23 in our Guard/Forward spot.


Guard – Malibu 23 LSV
The most recognized boat in the industry and the overall standard of performance for Malibu. The 23 LSV is a seasoned veteran on the water and contains a lethal combination of power and performance. The 23 LSV has attitude like his counterpart Mario Chalmers, who despite arriving to the Grizzlies this year has already made a significant impact. Chalmers is an NBA veteran who has seen it all, and it shows in his performance. Whether he is commanding the point positon or firing jump shots from the corner, your eyes cannot be drawn away when Mario has the ball. With a veteran attitude like Chalmers, the 23 LSV has earned a very coveted Guard position.


Power Forward – Bryant Potenza
The power forward position is heralded for its combination of size and strength. At 27 feet long the Bryant Potenza is an animal on the water. Loaded with features, the Potenza is full of surprises and is quite versatile for its size. This boat is BIG, like his counterpart Zac Randolph, the Memphis native. Do not let Randolph’s size fool you, he personifies the “grit and grind” mentality with his physicality but also carries finesse about him. The combination of size and sneaky athleticism puts Zebo and the Potenza at power forward.


Center – Malibu M235
The center controls the post, but for the Grizzlies he controls everything. Marc Gasol is the franchise player for Memphis, pulling the highest paid contract and for good reason. Gasol is powerful, commanding, and a high performer. The Malibu M235 takes the center spot, because this boat is Malibu’s new franchise player. At 23.5 feet this boat isn’t a behemoth, but the new hull design has packed a lot of luxury into its 23.5’ space. This boat speaks to franchise players because it invokes a sense of luxury, high performance, and craftsmanship. Like his counterpart Gasol the M235 was carefully and meticulously crafted over years of practice and patience, and the dedication to excellence has put this center on top of his franchise.

The 6th Man! Because how do you forget about the guy from the bench who can ball?

Small Forward – Axis A24 Vandall
The Axis A24 does not mess around when it comes to making noise. This boat is designed by Randall Harris, the “Vandal,” and is equal parts swagger and performance. When the A24 is dialed in it becomes one of the best boats on the water, and at 24 feet this machine surfs, shreds, and cruises with ease. The decals on this boat are tattooed from bow to stern, just like the Memphis small forward Matt Barnes. Another new addition to the Grizzlies, Barnes floats around the court with swagger and when he dials in his game he shoots lights out basketball. The tatted up small forward takes a seat with the A24 Vandall on the bench, but don’t underestimate the sixth man, there’s no denying his impact on the game.

Come see our lineup in person NEXT WEEKEND at the Mid-South Sports and Boat Show! Information about directions, event times, and vendors can be found at and we hope to see you there!


The Groundhog Has Spoken

groundhog day

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, Winter is soon to be over! According to the Groundhog Club in Pennsylvania, the Groundhog did not see his shadow, signifying an early spring for us! Why we still rely on the outdated and seemingly arbitrary method of weather forecast prediction, I do not know, but it works in our favor this year! The weather has been tricky lately, ranging from frigid to Fall football, and sprinkling in a few snow flurries here and there. (Don’t forget about that tornado watch we had going on too..) However, if one thing is to be made clear and legible, it is that Spring has not quite sprung, but has begun to blossom.

Thus the blossoming of Spring initiates the blossoming of boating season and a chance for us here at Memphis Boat Center to get back into our boating season routines. Our season begins with the Mid-South Sport and Boat Show starting February 19th. Memphis Boat Center will be displaying five of our beautiful, new boats as well as one Malibu M235. We will be showcasing all of our 2016 models, including a Malibu 23 LSV, an Axis A20, and a Bryant Potenza. Be on the lookout for our boat show break down post that will include a write up for all of the boats we will have on display.

Springtime is also service time! If you have stored a boat with us or dropped a boat off for service please retrieve it on the correct date! Also, if you have winterized your boat please remember that before you go jumping wakes and carving up a ski that your boat must be SUMMERIZED (not summarized like book reports) before it hits the water again, but wait until the weather breaks, you can’t trust everything you read on the internet. Here at Memphis Boat Center we are extremely excited to start 2016 off on such a bright note, and we look forward to seeing all of you at the Boat Show later this month!