Winterize Now Before its Too Late


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Fall is upon us and the winter months are fast approaching.  We know many of you enjoy college football.  Keep enjoying it and contact us to service your boat and prepare it for the coming cooler temperatures.   To keep your boat running great year after year we perform preventative maintenance as recommended by manufacturers so you can enjoy trouble free boating all summer.

Thinking of passing on the winterization?  Don’t do it.  You may  find yourself with a cracked engine block, hoses, ballast tanks, or other vital parts of your boat that can be damaged by the harsh winter weather.

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Most insurance companies won’t cover damage caused by a lack of winterization.

Cracked Block = New Engine

Cracked Block = New Engine

We also offer professional shrinkwrapping for your boat so that its stays out of the elements all winter. We verify your boat is dry before wrapping and add moisture eliminating products to prevent mildewing. Other than indoor storage this is the best way to protect your investment from the sun and weather when not being used.

We invite you to bring your boat in to get winterized and serviced by our factory trained technicians.  Contact for an appointment.

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The Cure For Water Withdrawals!


Now that the days are shorter, and the weather is getting colder, most boat and water-sports enthusiasts will hang up their skis and winterize their boat until next summer.  We always marvel at how quickly the summer comes and goes but we’ve found our time on the water can be extended through the quickly expanding sport of paddle boarding.


Do you like to have fun and stay in shape?  Paddle Boarding is a good hybrid between kayaking and surfing that works out your whole body while you enjoy the pleasures of being out on the water. It not only helps with balance by strengthening your core, but it also improves cardio, and helps with flexibility. The best part about SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) is that you don’t need to be a huge fitness buff to enjoy it. SUP is a great sport for people of all abilities from beginners to advanced because you don’t need waves to paddle around. Winter and spring will fly by and you will find yourself back in the heat of summer using your stand up board behind your boat surfing.


During the winter months, it is important to keep in mind a few things so that you can always stay dry and warm. Using the right clothing is very important. If you are going to be working hard and sweating while on the paddle board you want to keep an extra jacket handy in the car so that when you get done you can keep warm on the way home. Many people wear neoprene wet-suits to keep warm in the water in case of an accidental swan dive. Wet suits are a good idea to keep in mind while first getting started.  We always encourage people to wear life jackets while paddling, they also help to keep you warm while out of the water.

Stand-Up-Paddle-Boarding-at-Tumby-BayOnce you get comfortable on your SUP Board, you can compete in many different events such as sprints, cross-country and other types of races. Come by Memphis Boat Center and Pick up or order the Best paddle boards on the market offered by Slingshot Sports!