4th of July Memphis Boat Center Mayhem


IT. IS. TIME!!!!!

The 4th of July is one of the greatest American Holidays that we celebrate for many reasons, one of which being the Anniversary of the United States declaring its Independence from the English in 1776.

Enough History, that’s not why you’re here..

You are here because to you the 4th of July represents much more than freedom and America, some of these things include Chinese fireworks, red meat, Roman candle fights with your brother Steve, “Freebird” by Lynard Skynard, and a one way ticket to Shredtown, USA. At Memphis Boat Center, we can relate to your visions of the American Dream, and we are here to celebrate this dream with you accordingly.

THIS WEEKEND at Pickwick, Memphis Boat Center will be on a BRAND NEW 2017 Axis T23!

Y’all remember those killer t-shirts that we were slinging around the lake during Memorial Day Weekend? Yeah, they’re coming back, but this time members of the Red Bull Wings Team will be on our boat sampling cans to whoever needs some wings!


Wow, what a beautiful piece of machinery! The 2017 Axis T23

Make sure you stay up to date with our 4th of July Plans via our Facebook Page, where we will also be posting our GPS spot tracking link as well!


Please remember to stay safe this weekend on the water.”Operation Dry Water” will be in full effect on Pickwick during the holiday weekend, so make sure the following items are in your boat:  1.) Enough CGA life vests for all passengers. 2.) A fire extinguisher. 3.) A boat paddle. 4.) Your registration and boating license. 5.) A throw cushion. 6.) A sober driver behind the wheel of your boat. 7.) A really great attitude!

Follow these rules, look for our boat, have a good time, and remember…


I’ll see y’all on the water!

From Another Perspective.

As you may have noticed in our previous post there was talk of a camping trip. Well, that trip never took place, things fell through but that did not stop the Memphis Boat Center from cutting our losses and charging forward. Instead of camping with our customers, we decided that traveling to Pickwick and hitch-hiking from boat to boat would be a fulfilling substitution. Armed with a wakeboard and no demo boat for backup, we clocked out early on Friday to start a long weekend of customer appreciation.

For me, the trip felt different from the start, but not in a bad way. It felt different in the sense that there was new opportunity and new relationships just waiting to be discovered. Leaving before 6pm and without a boat was strange, but arriving at the lake with nothing but a cell phone and a wakeboard foreshadowed prosperity. Thankfully, I had the Shepherd family with me at the cabin, so being lonely was never in question.

For me, getting out on the water is almost ritualistic. I do the same things, listen to the same songs, and think the same thoughts that I have thought since I started embracing this lifestyle. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think there was another way to do the things that I do on the lake unless it was done my way.

How could I be so stubborn to reduce an activity that I used to praise with magniloquence and grace to something so jaded and meandering?

Stepping into the realm of another boat captain was like having the blinders removed, and it gave me such a boost on life. The opportunity to be a fly on the wall for another family while they enjoy their time on the water just as I have enjoyed mine was a joyous occasion, but I wasn’t just a fly on the wall. I was given the opportunity to help others with various water sports; whether it be wakeboarding, surfing, or wakeskating. My time wasn’t just spent with the Shepherd family, I was able to bounce around from boat to boat like a water-logged nomad helping members of the Memphis Boat Center family wherever they needed it. From driving the boat to tending the rope, I did my best to stay out of everyone’s way and keep the positive attitudes flowing.

In all honesty, this past weekend was one of the most fulfilling weekends on the water that I have had the opportunity to be a part of. The interaction with family members, young and old, will create lasting memories that serve as constant reminders to why I chose to be a part of this industry.

To everyone that has spent time with the Memphis Boat Center Lake Crew, THANK YOU! We enjoy the memories you have given us, and we are looking forward to many more!

Happy Shredding!!

Camping with the Lake Crew


Memphis Boat Center is proud to extend an invitation to you, your friends, your family, and whoever else you want to pack into a boat and travel close to ninety miles with by water. June 17th-19th will be a weekend full of exciting adventure, primitive camping, and TONS of boating. The lake crew at Memphis Boat Center will be traveling from Aqua Yacht Harbor in Pickwick all the way down the waterway to Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama. This epic journey will take you across three state lines, down a lock, and through one of the most beautiful waterways running across the South.

You need some details don’t you?

The morning of the 17th we will depart from Aqua and begin our long journey down the waterway to Joe Wheeler. Memphis Boat Center will be piloting two boats, so you’re going to have to bring your own. We want a fleet of boats cruising down the waterway with us! Once we arrive at the campsite, which will be primitive, the fun begins. Joe Wheeler State Park is a 2,550 acre park with tons of amazing trails, waterways, and other activities to get your camping spirit fired up. If the primitive camping does not appeal to you they offer rental cabins for the weekend, but you’ll have to pay for them. Cabin rentals can be made at this number 256-685-2656 or by going to their website.

joe wheeler2

The lakefront lodge at Joe Wheeler State park

Personally, I don’t recommend sleeping inside, the scenery is just too beautiful. We here at Memphis Boat Center hope to bring everyone on this trip together for a fantastic weekend on the water and out in Nature. If you have any questions please feel free to call us, and if you plan on joining us for this epic journey please comment on our Facebook page so we know who you are or come into the shop and ask for Houston!


Memorial Day Madness!!


Cole Heotis locking in the indy grab behind the Malibu 23 LSV.

Memorial Day was nothing short of a good time for the Memphis Boat Center lake team. The crew went to Pickwick loaded with Memphis Boat Center giveaway gear, and they didn’t come back with a single piece of it. There’s just something about shooting t-shirt stuffed koozies out of a slingshot that really lights a fire under someone, but the real fire was lit behind the Malibu 23 LSV. All weekend long the lake team pulled surfers and wakeboarders, and they even stopped to give a few lessons too.


Six-year-old Jackson Carroll used the Bb Talkin’ headset to learn how to wakeboard for the first time.

One of the best tools Memphis Boat Center has is our Bb Talkin’ Bluetooth communicators. These waterproof headsets allow our riders to communicate with the coaches in the boat, cutting their learning curve in half. One of the youngest students I have ever encountered was Jackson Carroll, a quiet six-year-old with an itch for water sports. Jackson was one of our first real tests for the communicator system. After a brief explanation on wakeboarding fundamentals, Jackson was ready to ride. Watching someone that young get up on a wakeboard for their first time and shred like he did was an incredible experience for our lake team.


Kathryn Newman shreds harder than most of the guys you know.

Kathryn Newman also got a chance to use our communicator system to clean up her wake jumps and learn some new grabs. It was really fun to hear her talking to herself while she was behind the boat. Clearly she forgot that I could still hear everything she was saying, but you could tell how much fun she was having flying through the air and slashing the wake like a hot knife through butter. The lake team is very thrilled with the technological potential our communication system possesses.


Watching Nick Longsworth surf is like watching a video game.

We made sure that our surf wake was absolutely dialed for the summer, and we put that to the test over Memorial Day weekend. There were tons of people who got up for their first time, and there were also some first time tricks landed behind the Memphis Boat Center demo boat! Will Upton landed a 360 flat spin, and also transferred between two boats while surfing. Everyone that took a pull behind our boat was smiling and having a good time, which is the number one goal for the Memphis Boat Center lake team. We hope that you had a blast on Memorial Day, and make sure you keep an eye out for the lake team on weekends at Pickwick! Go watch our video recap and check out our social media pages here and here!

bbtalkin3Happy Shredding!