Team Introduction: Ken Billings

When you call or come in, chances are that Alex or Ken will be your first point of contact. Ken helps so many of us, other employees and customers combined. It’d be impossible to provide the service we do without him. So without further ado, meet Ken Billings, an invaluable member of our Parts Department:


Ken says he knows two things about boating: one, that Leo DiCaprio made a lot of money from filming the movie, Titanic, and secondly, that World War I started when the Lusitania sank… and yet he still does a phenomenal job.  


Ken was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He says there were “no televisions at all” back then, but I’ll let you figure out the math. He has been married twice and has three lovely children.


Ken loves to spend his free time reading, which makes sense given that he majored in English at the University of Tennessee before completing his degree at Memphis State. Ken is also very involved in his church. He does ‘Meals on Wheels’ every Monday, delivering hot, nutritious meals to homebound seniors around Memphis.



When asked if he could do anything in the world, what would it be? Ken said he would “retire to the coast and eat seafood”. Sounds like a pretty great plan to me.

We are so blessed to have Ken’s help here at MBC, and look forward to a few more years before he heads off to the coast. Stick around, next week we will be introducing Randy Bouldin, our guy who literally does everything.

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