Pickwick vs. “The New Guy”

Despite the bipolar weather we have experienced lately, the summer is upon us. There are quite a few things at Memphis Boat Center that have changed since last year, like our lake program. In 2016 we will be offering you, the customers, a chance to rent an Axis wakeboarding boat.

We’ve discussed this previously in the blog, but you can still pretend to be excited again!!!

Among the laundry list of changes made, the face of our lake program has also taken a new form. That form is Houston Buckley; recent college graduate, former college athlete, (I’m claiming Ole Miss Wakeboarding as a college athlete experience) the writer for all your Memphis Boat Center content, and most recently the new face of our Lake Program!


Photo of Houston Buckley by Katie Erickson

That’s right folks! I’ll be in Pickwick every weekend with our beautiful demo boat hunting you down and convincing you to shred! Have no fear, our beloved Enrique Martinez will still be in Pickwick with me almost every weekend when he is not busy juggling marketing, sales, and customer service at the shop on Saturdays. We aren’t as gnarly as we used to be, but we sure do like to have fun!


Photo of Enrique Martinez by Katie Erickson

Enrique and I have been friends since our college wakeboarding days, so having someone from the same mindset he has comes with a degree of comfort. I’ve been very excited since September for the opportunity to spend time with customers on the lake and to push them as riders. I know you’re probably used to a lot of surfing, which is fine, but I cannot express how stoked I am to wakeboard with the Memphis Boat Center family.

When I was 18 years old I did not want to become a professional wakeboarder, I wanted to become a professional coach. Instead of pushing myself forward to learn a ton of new tricks I focused on helping others around me learn the tricks that I had been taught. I was blessed to have a former professional rider coach me all the way through college, and now I get the chance to share that knowledge with you guys! I am so stoked to be at this point in my journey, and I can’t wait to get in the water with y’all!

Happy Shredding, I’ll see you guys in the water!


Product Review: Ride Engine and Bb Talkin’

Here at Memphis Boat Center we carry a lot of different brands to support all of your aquatic accommodations. We have chosen the brands that we carry because we believe in the quality of their products. Since the weather has warmed up significantly, we have been back on the water and giving our gear the ultimate test. This review covers wet suits by Ride Engine and the new Bluetooth intercom system by Bb Talkin’.

ride engine Ride Engine started as a kite surfing harness manufacturer, but has since gravitated into the business of wet suits and accessories as well. Ride Engine suits are manufactured with a different neoprene than the wet suits you are used to. These suits have incredible flexibility, and the seams are stitched tactically to provide the user with unmatched comfort. Traditionally, a thinner suit would provide the stretch and comfort while the level of heat decreased, but that is not the case with Ride Engine. Using the heater top (which has a rating of 1.5 mm) left me comfortable in water that reached temperatures lower than 68. The price range on these suits vary, with heater tops starting at $99.00 and their thickest suit topping out at $459.00. However, you get what you pay for, and these suits are still less expensive than some of the brand recognizable companies. Keep  your eyes peeled for big, innovative products coming from Ride Engine in the future.

bb talkin In the past there wasn’t an effective coaching method that provided immediate feedback from teacher to student, and the learning curve still had a few hurdles to get over. Not anymore, with the new Bluetooth intercom system from Bb Talkin’, the action sports communications bar has officially been raised. These tiny intercoms have a maximum range of 1 mile and have a 15 hour battery life. The water proof housing almost looks like a tiny Gopro with an antenna, but the microphones pick up very clear sound and deliver crisp dialogue between the users. The only concern I have with these devices is high impact crashes, and the significantly decreased range/battery life if more than two intercoms are connected. For surfing, wakeboarding, and any other water sport the company offers a wakeboard helmet with an intercom mount and a surf style hat with the same configurations. This device will greatly improve coaching sessions and help stint the learning curve tremendously.

To find out more about these amazing products, come down to Memphis Boat Center and check them out or visit their individual websites!  Happy Shredding!




Pickwick Boat Show!

in water boat show photo


Two blog posts in one day must mean that the information is pretty important right? RIGHT!

There’s a boat show this weekend at Aqua Marina and it’s IN THE WATER!!!! Yes a floating boat show at Pickwick, DON’T ACT LIKE YOU AREN’T EXCITED!

Memphis Boat Center will be bringing a fleet of boats to the in-water boat show Saturday, April 23rd and boy are we bringing some heavy hitters. We will be sporting an Axis A24 and T23, a Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV, and a Bryant Potenza. All boats are 2016 models and they will be LOADED with cool features and plenty of gear to try out on the water.

Come check out Surf Gate on one of our new wakeboarding boats or lounge in style on our Bryant! We also have the latest Hyperlite, Byerly, and HO Sports gear for all you water sport junkies!

Did I mention this is happening too?


Stop by and see us this weekend for more information!

Getting Shreducated

As the water begins to warm up and that familiar scent of wet neoprene starts to reclaim your vehicle all of the water sport companies are charging full speed into the upcoming summer season. Orlando, Florida is regarded as one of the largest wakeboarding communities in the world, with an unmatched collection of lakes, cable riding, and professional athletes all within a few hours of each other. Every year HO Sports, Hyperlite, and Byerly host a Shreducation seminar for their dealers. These dealers come from all over the country to learn about the exciting new product lines that the brands are launching.


A glassy morning at OWC, one of the best wakeboarding cable parks in the world.

The week started off with boat and cable demos at Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) which has been serving up some serious shredding since the 90’s and should be on every wakeboarders bucket list. From morning butter to evening glass the participating dealers were allowed to try out any of the 2016 products with supervision from their shreducators. Professional riders JD Webb, Jimmy LaRiche, and Shaun Murray were on site to demonstrate their new boards both on and off the water. Being able to interact with such high level athletes and watch them perform from inside the boat was a very unique experience that helped set the tone for the rest of the week.


Pro riders Brian Grubb (far left), JD Webb (middle left), and Jimmy LaRiche (far right)


Pro Wakeskater Brian Grubb reaching for a backside 360 in Orlando

After demoing product at OWC the dealers are given a night to rest up before traveling to the Byerly workshop, where a combination of resin, sweat, and innovation have been shaping wakeboards for over a decade. The shop itself is very small and contains only one press, but every model that Byerly Boards sends to mass production is hand shaped and molded by Butch first. The roof and walls of the shop look like a water sports time machine, with every prototype hanging next to their production model.


Where the magic begins, the shaping room at Butch Customs

The manufacturing process for a wakeboard is time consuming, but also very interesting. The dealers were given the opportunity to staple fiberglass to molds, lay resin on unfinished boards, and put boards in the press for the finishing process. Scott Byerly himself wandered into the shop, picked up a staple gun, and immediately got to work with members of the party. Being able to stand next to one of the great names in wakeboarding and not only listen to them talk about their product but witness them build it made our trip to the Byerly workshop one to remember.


Scott Byerly staples fiberglass to a wakeboard core while a decade of progression hangs from the roof and walls behind him.

After watching the manufacturing process the dealers were taken out to Jack Travers Ski School to learn about all the new products and innovation from HO sports. There was a professional ski demo, ski jumping, and multiple meetings about the 2016 HO skis as well as their inflatables. After the dealers were mesmerized by the talent shown on a ski, they were given the chance to showcase their own talent and try out any new gear as well. There were lakes set up for course skiing, free riding, and a R.A.D/F.A.D lake.


Live action R.A.D and F.A.D+ tandem towing excitement

The weekend concluded with an afternoon in Shaun Murray’s backyard, which to most people looks like an American Ninja warrior playground. Shaun invited the dealers to play on his jungle gym, ride on his boat while the Hyperlite team put on a show, and he even let us take a crack at his warp wall.

Yeah, you read that right, Shaun Murray built a warp wall.


It even has his name on it!

The day concluded with autograph signing and exchanging information, but the energy level was still at an all time high. “Shreducation is one of our most valuable weeks, not only educating about our brands and products, but connecting with our dealers, learning from them what’s working and how to improve,” said Hyperlite’s VP of Marketing Greg Nelson. “You just can’t beat the comradery we build with our dealers at Shreducation.” The entire week was a great success and a perfect way to kick start the boating season.

If you want to check out any of these amazing new products from HO, Hyperlite, or Byerly, then come on down to Memphis Boat Center and check out our Pro Shop! Our staff is always there to help you find what you are looking for and further your shreducation! If you want to stay up to date on the brands we carry, visit their websites!






The Summer is Coming Early

In a bizarre series of events Winter has decided to take off early, leaving us with warmer weather than we are used to for this time of year. The sun is beginning to heat up, the pollen is swirling through the air, and our great friends over at Malibu and Axis want to offer you another sale! Summer_Comes_Early_24x36_posters (1)_Page_1

THAT’S RIGHT ANOTHER ONE!!! You thought you missed your chance at the boat show? Well, think again! The 2016 Summer Comes Early Sales Event offers a $2000 rebate on all new Malibu boats and a $1500 rebate on all new Axis boats. This incredible window of opportunity will begin on April 9th and last all the way to the 23rd, so don’t waste any time shopping for the boat of your dreams! Summer_Comes_Early_24x36_posters (1)_Page_2

Make sure you come by Memphis Boat Center TODAY and take advantage of another unique discount offered by the top companies in the boating industry TODAY!


The money you save could get you that rad surfboard he’s sending it on..

Did I tell you that you should be doing this today?

BUT WAIT!!! There’s more..


Memphis Boat Center just received some brand new water mats from Paradise Pads! These giant pads can hold over 1400 lbs and float right on top of the water, making them the perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys lounging on the water! Come check them out!