2016 Collegiate Wakeboard Nationals

This past weekend, 16 teams descended on Gulf Shores, Alabama and made camp at the Flora-Bama Beach Club for the 2016 Collegiate Wakeboard Nationals. This diverse collection of teams has been training non stop since the end of Nationals last year, and they were prepared to throw down again this year. Most of the teams involved have already had a chance to ride at the competition site due to a Regional Qualifier earlier this year. The competition was fierce, the bag of tricks was deep, and after 4 days of absolute pandemonium a champion was crowned. The Florida Gators won the 2016 title, as well as the 2015, with Arizona State coming in 2nd and Michigan State rounding out the top 3.

While none of the MBC teams finished in the top 5, Mississippi State charged into the top 10 and claimed the 8th spot in the country. The Rebels, behind a small, resilient team, fell from their coveted 5th spot all the way to 12th. Mississippi State’s Dale Milican brought home a 2nd place finish in the wakeskate division, and the Bulldog’s also took the 3rd place spot in women’s A behind Carrie Lynn McCormick’s powerful performance. “I’m just really proud of how many people we go to show up to the competition, it was rough for a school week,” said Danny Flanigan, the team’s president. “We are lucky to have such devoted team members.” Below are the full results from the weekend just in case you missed the live stream on Alliance Wake!

2016 Collegiate Wakeboarding National Standings

Overall Team Standings

Florida – 468

Arizona State – 333

Michigan State – 295

Central Washington – 293

Texas A&M – 248

Oklahoma State – 197

Florida State – 193

Mississippi State – 189

ULM – 171

Ohio State – 149

Jacksonville State – 100

Ole Miss – 81

GCSU – 60

LSU – 52


Individual Standings

Men’s A

  1. Colby Bernier           Jacksonville State
  2. Danny Collins           Ohio State
  3. Josh Edwards           Michigan State
  4. Devon Murray           Florida

Men’s B

  1. Andrew Fialka           Michigan State
  2. Tyler Sacone           Florida State
  3. Clay Dudding           Oklahoma State
  4. Mark McCallum           Arizona State

Men’s C

  1. Chandler Mass                  Florida
  2. Milan Kent                         Arizona State
  3. Samuel Wilkinson            Texas A&M
  4. Cole Popper                       Florida State

Men’s D

  1. Shelby King                           Florida
  2. Tyler Jordan-Martinez        Arizona state
  3. Andrew Brown                     Michigan State
  4. Noah Heinrich                     Oklahoma State

Women’s A

  1. Heather Bouchard                 Florida
  2. Teagan Wylie                          CWU
  3. Carrie Lynn McCormick       Mississippi State
  4. Emily Clark                              ULM

 Women’s B

  1. Kelsey Anderson             CWU
  2. Kelsey Osborn                  ULM
  3. Courtney Meyer               Florida
  4. Erin Blackwell


  1. Cole Osborn                           CWU
  2. Dale Milican                          Mississippi State
  3. Eric Mastry                            Arizona State
  4. Samuel Wilkinson                Texas A&M

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