The Hyperlite Board Review (Part 2)

My friends, we have embarked on a journey. A journey to uncover the best shred sticks that Memphis Boat Center has to offer. We are now on part 2 of our shred stick review series which means it’s time for the lady shredders to take some notes. Today we will be talking about three Hyperlite boards from their lady line: the Prizm, the Eden, and the Maiden. These boards have been flying out of our doors all summer long, but there is still time to figure out what board is right for you! Let’s get into it:


1. The Hyperlite Prizm – Ridden by Raimi Merritt

Designed by Shaun Murray and ridden by Raimi Merritt, the Prizm is one of the hottest shapes for 2016. With the exception of the satin flex for female riders, this board is identical to the Murray (with the exception of graphics.) A beautiful three stage rocker allows this board to effortlessly pop off of the wake, and with a mellow tip and tail this board is very forgiving. The smooth landings will take away some of the punishment your knees suffer when you send that wake jump into the flat water. If you are looking to take your riding to the next level, the Prizm is the right board for you!


2. The Hyperlite Eden 2.0 – The Progression Pirate

Simple, elegant, and symmetrical; those are the three words I have to use describing the Eden 2.0. This board bears the same shape as the State 2.0, but the graphics and flex have been tailored to the ladies. The symmetrical design of this board allows the rider to experience smooth transition through the fundamentals of wakeboarding, and the exaggerated toeside edge helps generate stability and control when charging through those harder edges. The moderate speed presented with this board is perfect for anyone who is looking to take their riding to the next level. If you have a heart for progression or just want a comfortable, all-around shape, the Eden 2.0 belongs on your boat!


3. The Hyperlite Maiden – Raimi’s Signature Model

Designed by a two time World Champion and ten time World Cup winner, the Hyperlite Maiden is a performance ready powerhouse. Raimi Merritt has packed all of the fundamental components for faster edges, higher pop, and stronger control into one wakeboard. The Dual molded landing features give this board superior cushion on landings, and the thinner profile commands swift board response. Whether you are spinning flat on the surface or through the air, the reduced tip and tail width allow you to nail those rotations with ease. If you love to send it this is your stick, it’s a board designed by the best, for the best!


We will list our favorite surf boards that we carry! Memphis Boat Center carries surf boards from Byerly, Hyperlite, and Phase 5, and we love every single one of them! Be sure to head over to to learn more about their amazing lady shredders, or stop by the Memphis Boat Center and ask to speak with one of our Pro Shop staff members! We hope this review was helpful to you if you’re searching for that new shred stick!

Happy Shredding!

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