4th of July Memphis Boat Center Mayhem


IT. IS. TIME!!!!!

The 4th of July is one of the greatest American Holidays that we celebrate for many reasons, one of which being the Anniversary of the United States declaring its Independence from the English in 1776.

Enough History, that’s not why you’re here..

You are here because to you the 4th of July represents much more than freedom and America, some of these things include Chinese fireworks, red meat, Roman candle fights with your brother Steve, “Freebird” by Lynard Skynard, and a one way ticket to Shredtown, USA. At Memphis Boat Center, we can relate to your visions of the American Dream, and we are here to celebrate this dream with you accordingly.

THIS WEEKEND at Pickwick, Memphis Boat Center will be on a BRAND NEW 2017 Axis T23!

Y’all remember those killer t-shirts that we were slinging around the lake during Memorial Day Weekend? Yeah, they’re coming back, but this time members of the Red Bull Wings Team will be on our boat sampling cans to whoever needs some wings!


Wow, what a beautiful piece of machinery! The 2017 Axis T23

Make sure you stay up to date with our 4th of July Plans via our Facebook Page, where we will also be posting our GPS spot tracking link as well!


Please remember to stay safe this weekend on the water.”Operation Dry Water” will be in full effect on Pickwick during the holiday weekend, so make sure the following items are in your boat:  1.) Enough CGA life vests for all passengers. 2.) A fire extinguisher. 3.) A boat paddle. 4.) Your registration and boating license. 5.) A throw cushion. 6.) A sober driver behind the wheel of your boat. 7.) A really great attitude!

Follow these rules, look for our boat, have a good time, and remember…


I’ll see y’all on the water!

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