From Another Perspective.

As you may have noticed in our previous post there was talk of a camping trip. Well, that trip never took place, things fell through but that did not stop the Memphis Boat Center from cutting our losses and charging forward. Instead of camping with our customers, we decided that traveling to Pickwick and hitch-hiking from boat to boat would be a fulfilling substitution. Armed with a wakeboard and no demo boat for backup, we clocked out early on Friday to start a long weekend of customer appreciation.

For me, the trip felt different from the start, but not in a bad way. It felt different in the sense that there was new opportunity and new relationships just waiting to be discovered. Leaving before 6pm and without a boat was strange, but arriving at the lake with nothing but a cell phone and a wakeboard foreshadowed prosperity. Thankfully, I had the Shepherd family with me at the cabin, so being lonely was never in question.

For me, getting out on the water is almost ritualistic. I do the same things, listen to the same songs, and think the same thoughts that I have thought since I started embracing this lifestyle. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think there was another way to do the things that I do on the lake unless it was done my way.

How could I be so stubborn to reduce an activity that I used to praise with magniloquence and grace to something so jaded and meandering?

Stepping into the realm of another boat captain was like having the blinders removed, and it gave me such a boost on life. The opportunity to be a fly on the wall for another family while they enjoy their time on the water just as I have enjoyed mine was a joyous occasion, but I wasn’t just a fly on the wall. I was given the opportunity to help others with various water sports; whether it be wakeboarding, surfing, or wakeskating. My time wasn’t just spent with the Shepherd family, I was able to bounce around from boat to boat like a water-logged nomad helping members of the Memphis Boat Center family wherever they needed it. From driving the boat to tending the rope, I did my best to stay out of everyone’s way and keep the positive attitudes flowing.

In all honesty, this past weekend was one of the most fulfilling weekends on the water that I have had the opportunity to be a part of. The interaction with family members, young and old, will create lasting memories that serve as constant reminders to why I chose to be a part of this industry.

To everyone that has spent time with the Memphis Boat Center Lake Crew, THANK YOU! We enjoy the memories you have given us, and we are looking forward to many more!

Happy Shredding!!

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