Pickwick vs. “The New Guy”

Despite the bipolar weather we have experienced lately, the summer is upon us. There are quite a few things at Memphis Boat Center that have changed since last year, like our lake program. In 2016 we will be offering you, the customers, a chance to rent an Axis wakeboarding boat.

We’ve discussed this previously in the blog, but you can still pretend to be excited again!!!

Among the laundry list of changes made, the face of our lake program has also taken a new form. That form is Houston Buckley; recent college graduate, former college athlete, (I’m claiming Ole Miss Wakeboarding as a college athlete experience) the writer for all your Memphis Boat Center content, and most recently the new face of our Lake Program!


Photo of Houston Buckley by Katie Erickson

That’s right folks! I’ll be in Pickwick every weekend with our beautiful demo boat hunting you down and convincing you to shred! Have no fear, our beloved Enrique Martinez will still be in Pickwick with me almost every weekend when he is not busy juggling marketing, sales, and customer service at the shop on Saturdays. We aren’t as gnarly as we used to be, but we sure do like to have fun!


Photo of Enrique Martinez by Katie Erickson

Enrique and I have been friends since our college wakeboarding days, so having someone from the same mindset he has comes with a degree of comfort. I’ve been very excited since September for the opportunity to spend time with customers on the lake and to push them as riders. I know you’re probably used to a lot of surfing, which is fine, but I cannot express how stoked I am to wakeboard with the Memphis Boat Center family.

When I was 18 years old I did not want to become a professional wakeboarder, I wanted to become a professional coach. Instead of pushing myself forward to learn a ton of new tricks I focused on helping others around me learn the tricks that I had been taught. I was blessed to have a former professional rider coach me all the way through college, and now I get the chance to share that knowledge with you guys! I am so stoked to be at this point in my journey, and I can’t wait to get in the water with y’all!

Happy Shredding, I’ll see you guys in the water!


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