Product Review: Ride Engine and Bb Talkin’

Here at Memphis Boat Center we carry a lot of different brands to support all of your aquatic accommodations. We have chosen the brands that we carry because we believe in the quality of their products. Since the weather has warmed up significantly, we have been back on the water and giving our gear the ultimate test. This review covers wet suits by Ride Engine and the new Bluetooth intercom system by Bb Talkin’.

ride engine Ride Engine started as a kite surfing harness manufacturer, but has since gravitated into the business of wet suits and accessories as well. Ride Engine suits are manufactured with a different neoprene than the wet suits you are used to. These suits have incredible flexibility, and the seams are stitched tactically to provide the user with unmatched comfort. Traditionally, a thinner suit would provide the stretch and comfort while the level of heat decreased, but that is not the case with Ride Engine. Using the heater top (which has a rating of 1.5 mm) left me comfortable in water that reached temperatures lower than 68. The price range on these suits vary, with heater tops starting at $99.00 and their thickest suit topping out at $459.00. However, you get what you pay for, and these suits are still less expensive than some of the brand recognizable companies. Keep  your eyes peeled for big, innovative products coming from Ride Engine in the future.

bb talkin In the past there wasn’t an effective coaching method that provided immediate feedback from teacher to student, and the learning curve still had a few hurdles to get over. Not anymore, with the new Bluetooth intercom system from Bb Talkin’, the action sports communications bar has officially been raised. These tiny intercoms have a maximum range of 1 mile and have a 15 hour battery life. The water proof housing almost looks like a tiny Gopro with an antenna, but the microphones pick up very clear sound and deliver crisp dialogue between the users. The only concern I have with these devices is high impact crashes, and the significantly decreased range/battery life if more than two intercoms are connected. For surfing, wakeboarding, and any other water sport the company offers a wakeboard helmet with an intercom mount and a surf style hat with the same configurations. This device will greatly improve coaching sessions and help stint the learning curve tremendously.

To find out more about these amazing products, come down to Memphis Boat Center and check them out or visit their individual websites!  Happy Shredding!


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