The Summer is Coming Early

In a bizarre series of events Winter has decided to take off early, leaving us with warmer weather than we are used to for this time of year. The sun is beginning to heat up, the pollen is swirling through the air, and our great friends over at Malibu and Axis want to offer you another sale! Summer_Comes_Early_24x36_posters (1)_Page_1

THAT’S RIGHT ANOTHER ONE!!! You thought you missed your chance at the boat show? Well, think again! The 2016 Summer Comes Early Sales Event offers a $2000 rebate on all new Malibu boats and a $1500 rebate on all new Axis boats. This incredible window of opportunity will begin on April 9th and last all the way to the 23rd, so don’t waste any time shopping for the boat of your dreams! Summer_Comes_Early_24x36_posters (1)_Page_2

Make sure you come by Memphis Boat Center TODAY and take advantage of another unique discount offered by the top companies in the boating industry TODAY!


The money you save could get you that rad surfboard he’s sending it on..

Did I tell you that you should be doing this today?

BUT WAIT!!! There’s more..


Memphis Boat Center just received some brand new water mats from Paradise Pads! These giant pads can hold over 1400 lbs and float right on top of the water, making them the perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys lounging on the water! Come check them out!


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