Two Weeks Of Fun! Oli Derome and Kyle Rattray

This past Monday, we were happy to host Oli Derome and Jason Hammons from Slingshot. The experience of being able to try new boards and get coaching tips from pro athletes doesn’t happen everyday and not one you want to miss.


Watching Oli’s back to back tricks was head spinning and jaw dropping.  When he wasn’t riding he provided incredible support to our guests on the boat, his experience and ability to instruct was priceless.  It was great to have him on hand helping our guests learn new tricks.  We also owe a big thank you to Jason Hammons for making it happen.


With the weekend quickly approaching, most of us are making plans to hit the lake and enjoy the weekend out on the water, but here at Memphis Boat Center we have something up our sleeves! We want you to have a great weekend and then REST as much as possible on Monday because on Tuesday June 23rd, we will have Byerly Team Rider Kyle Rattray spending all day with us once more out at the Memphis Yacht Club!


When: June 23rd 2015

Where: Memphis Yacht Club (The Ditch)

Why: Because Merica! That’s Why

Contact for time and more information!


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