2 Knots to Always Remember

If you ever find yourself needing to secure something and don’t have a ratchet strap or bungie cord, these are the knots you need to know.   Imagine you are trying to get your Christmas tree on the roof of your car and tie it down securely or have a cooler that you want to tie down to the swim platform of your boat, we think the easiest solution is the two knots that we are about to show you!

You can use these two knots in many different situations whether you find yourself boating, camping, hiking, or even around the house and garage!

Grab a rope, pay close attention, and follow along to learn 2 Knots that will serve you well to know! Practice several times during your down time so you don’t forget the knots and try securing different objects!


The Bowline Knot



Truckers Hitch Knot

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