The newest member of the Memphis Boat Center Family

Enrique Martinez:

Enrique was born and raised in Mexico City and later came to the United States. His family resides in Los Angeles, California but he has done most of his schooling in good ole Mississippi. While in California Enrique picked up surfing and loved getting out on the water as much as possible. When he moved to Mississippi he realized the waves were too small to surf and quickly discovered wakeboarding. In 2012, Martinez founded the Mississippi State Wakeboard team and lead them to a number 9 ranking in the nation among collegiate wakeboard teams. Enrique served as President of the Mississippi State Wake team, and he is also the Mississippi rep and driver for the Louisiana Collegiate Wake Tour. After Graduating from Mississippi State with a Business Administration degree while emphasizing on marketing, Enrique took his dream job at Memphis Boat Center and is one happy camper.



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